24 days of biking, 1053 miles, 5 states

That’s it- the trip is over.  We are very grateful to have safely biked more than 1000 miles.  For the last 10 days, we did not take any rest days and averaged 47 miles per day.  Allen has come out of this with a very sore achilles tendon, a major loss of dexterity in his left hand due to his hand falling asleep while biking (we think the feeling will come back because it did over the Mandeville break), and a smaller spare tire (though he disagrees).  I have come out of it noticing that my shorts are tighter around my thighs…not exactly what I wanted, but at least it’s muscle. Yesterday on the Pinellas Trail, we were passing other bikers left and right- even serious bikers all decked out in spandex with fancy road bikes.  I only wish I could have seen the expressions on their faces as we passed them with our trailers and 50 pounds of gear in tow. 

Biking is not a quick way to travel, but it was very satisfying to cover all of that ground under our own power, and seeing all of the towns along the way was, well, an experience.  We’re both glad to have had the opportunity to experience a part of the country that’s very different from what we are used to- biking by slowly gave us a chance to really notice the incredible amounts of open space, the basic elements of small towns, and the way real America lives.